Micha was born in South Africa and immigrated to the USA when he was young, where he devoted himself to studying the human body & the power of knowing how to feel and stay healthy. 


He specializes in the art of fitness for beginners to a professional level. 


Micha has a degree in Exercise science and Nutrition with certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and National Strength and Conditioning Association. 


His training career started in New York/New Jersey and then took him to Los Angeles (2007) and Tel Aviv (2009).


In 2009 he immigrated to Israel and played professional rugby for their national team and Olympic 7's team. He then joined the army where he was stationed as the head fitness and Krav Maga(Self Defense) instructor in the elite counter terrorism unit where he spent his time training the special forces of the United States as well as the Israeli army. He felt he had a lot to teach to the soldiers and brought his knowledge and experience about physical fitness and injury prevention to the army. 


He completed his service and the outcome was just as he thought. Better, healthier, and stronger soldiers. He then started a pre-army program training young individuals from around the world in order to prepare them for the Special Forces in the IDF. 


He mastered his abilities in training by working with professional and olympic athletes, celebrities, and others (just like you) that were interested in learning and working on themselves to achieve their health objectives. 


Most of his training sessions were performed at his business facilities, but for those who had a tight schedule he would train them at their homes, nearby parks or even the beach for their convenience.


To take his personal training to the next level he works alongside professional doctors promoting and bringing new life to individuals with the aid of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. The HRT combined with his nutrition plans and training helps his clients feel young again and restores vitality.


In 2015 he returned to Omaha to start the new leg of his journey, but there was just one problem. After the grueling army service, he didn't feel like himself. He had many aches and pains as well as adrenal/chronic fatigue sprinkled with a little bit of PTSD. He felt foreign in his own body. After making a strong decision that he couldn't continue living life feeling so horrible, he embarked on a journey to hack his biology and return it to normal. 


After studying many different areas of neuroscience, epigenetics, biochemistry, and how to heal the microbiome, he not only managed to turn his brain back on and get rid of the arthritis and tendinitis, but now, he feels better than he did all throughout his childhood. The results were so remarkable that he developed his own protocol through nutrition and supplementation to help all others who are dealing with chronic disease and other life threatening ailments in order to help them heal.  Now he is making a name for himself in this great city and is proud to call Omaha his home.

“Micha is an incredible person and instructor he truly cares about his clients and his knowledge for fitness and nutrition as well. ”

-Swen Nordling, former client

“Invictus is such a special place. Micah, the owner/trainer, is so knowledgeable, kind and inspiring”

— Krissy Black, Title

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